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Anonymous asked:

i think in porn they tuck in the labia because apparently it would be "too explicit" to actually see an adult woman's vagina


haha “tuck in” what the hell that’s not how vaginas work

no, most porn actresses get labiaplasty surgery in order to “trim” the “unattractive” majora and minora labias. A lot of women not in the porn industry do it nowadays as well due to peer pressure and the media’s reinforcement that a woman’s vagina should be (creepily enough) child-like. And don’t even get me started on vaginal rejuvenation because I’ll get mad as hell if the subject is brought up. Those kind of operations are becoming worryingly “casual” in the world of plastic surgery, and are often done by 20-something women/vagina owners who feel their genitalias are “unnatural” and “disgusting”. It’s a terrible issue and people should know more about it.

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